How to save Money on International Friendship Day 

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On July 30, International Friendship Day will be celebrated which seeks to enhance union and companionship in people’s lives. This date was officially established by the United Nations in 2011, following a proposal by a Paraguayan organization that wished to strengthen the relations of human beings and foster peace between the different communities.


Currently, there are countries that actively celebrate it and it is one of the most popular events of the year. Especially for young people, since they dedicate the full day to their most special friends by sharing cards, gifts and doing activities and games like the ‘Invisible Friend’. Paraguay is one of the pioneers in this initiative. Workplaces, shops, schools and colleges celebrate this day with snacks, lunches, chocolates and candies.

Also, this date highlights values ​​such as support and collaboration with those friends who want to face new personal or professional challenges and ask for advice. Some people lend themselves to helping their friends in these circumstances to overcome them.

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