Debt support, P account information, loans and debts. This means that the debtor only has to pay part of his debt. You may be able to borrow money from friends or family and avoid interest. Debt If the bank can terminate a loan. a debtor who has nothing but debt to lend money.


Despite debts traveling all over the world.

Despite debts traveling all over the world.

Without Schufa there are vacation credit offered by the so-called P2P marketplaces. In this article you will learn how to get a private vacation loan and what you should consider! Why a private vacation credit? Who can I borrow money from? In addition to the offer of organizers to pay the travel expenses in installments, there is also the traditional installment loan at the in-house bank.

The situation is different with a private vacation loan. Credit exchanges that link private investors and borrowers with one another do not require people with a Schufa closure application to come up with a refusal. The operating principle of peer-to-peer marketplaces is simple: borrowers can send a loan application to the trading platform. In the case of a commitment, the loan application will be published on the website for a certain period of time and potential investors will be able to view the applications.

If a private investor finds a loan application credible, a loan agreement can be concluded. The conditions are determined both cross-platform (interest rate) and between the loan partners individually (term). Vacation credit without Schufa is possible. Platform determines the creditworthiness of the applicant. The interest rates are set individually by the respective trading platform. The platform operator receives an agency fee (x percent / loan amount).


Unlike the classic bank loan or a partial payment via an organizer

Unlike the classic bank loan or a partial payment via an organizer

The loan platform also offers a holiday loan for people with Schufa admission. “Anyone who decides to apply for a loan platform should make sure that there are no up-front costs! Loans for start-ups, self-employed, freelancers, attention to individual agreements with the investor!

Private lending via a dedicated website is usually easy and quick in practice. Disadvantages are the conditions, which can be costly due to a lack of creditworthiness, and the opportunities for investors to hide their expenses. When looking for a private investor, you need to be mindful of the quality of your loan application. Only a well prepared and final request has the prospect of becoming an investor.

Take into account all expenses incurred! Take your time and include all travel expenses in your travel plan. A bond should cover the actual amount you need, otherwise you will need to fill in the holes afterwards by other means. Did you really master the financial burden of a private vacation credit without Schufa after the trip?

Only if you can answer all questions with “yes”, you should dissolve a vacation loan. One should consider all incurred expenses, travel organizers and offers mutually quietly decide and above all compute mathematically correct – this includes a small cache for unforeseeable occurrences on the way. These are the platforms from our test: Smava: With an amount of approx. $ 500,000, the platform offers the highest loan amount among the credit marketplaces.

Smartphone receives a commission of 2.5 to 3 percentage points, a one-time fee of 1.35 percentage points and a monthly fee of 0.50 $ over the contract period. auxmoney: The technology platform has been in operation since 2011 and markets loans of up to $ 000. In addition, you will receive a one-off commission of 2.95 percentage points of the loan amount, a service fee of 2.50 $ per month and default interest (2.9 to 15.25 percentage points of the loan amount).


FundLending will also award a maximum of $ 24,000

FundLending will also award a maximum of $ 24,000

To avoid misunderstandings: Obtaining a loan through a brokerage platform requires a running profit or sufficient creditworthiness – for a loan despite bribes there is no good chance. The companies ANYMOXIA, CASAVA and FundLending were scrutinized. It was a good idea for her.

On the credit markets such as Auxgeld, Smartphone and FundLending holiday credit is possible without the intermediation of the Federal Agency. You have to be prepared for that, it does not go without a credit check, but the bribe is not yet a refrigerant.



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