Dentistry and functional aesthetic implantology is a double combination:
Science and art, Science and Consciousness


International implantology center in Tunisia is a dental clinic specialised in implantology. We offer a stay and dental care with an estimate in advance. Our specialists handle advanced and immediate Swedish and American techniques, without incisions, nor stitches.

The price, estimate or cost of travel and alternatives of teeth replacement by dental implants will be specified after meticulous dental clinical examination and complementary examinations such as laboratory tests, X-rays and dental scanner.

We master global high quality total implants placement; Straumann Swiss dental implant, Sweden Nobel Biocare, America Screw-Vent or Zimmer dental implants, Drive France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Canada, there are different brand names and types of implants.

Full or partial ceramics crowns, veneers and bridges designed for the replacement of missing teeth can be made by CAD technology (Computer Aided Design); these are very precise digital prosthesis.

We are aware that a smile is the social passport allowing you to integrate society, the loss of upper teeth makes this passport invalid with the aesthetic and phonation alteration. The loss of posterior teeth alters the chewing and swallowing, thus representing a functional and aesthetic emergency, therefore, a psychological one.

Our aim is to help you change life with dental implants, informing and advising you first then possibly through medical care and the proposal of several updated dental implant techniques:

Mastered techniques in dental implantology:
Whatever the country is, France, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Britain, America, Sweden and Turkey dental implant may be classified scientifically:

Dental implant:
- Conventional
 - Immediate
 - With immediate loading
 - With immediate aesthetic
 - immediate with immediate loading
 - Immediate  with immediate aesthetic
 - Preceded by a bone graft
 - With filling the maxillary sinus
 - With thickened gum with  PRF
 - Treatment of surgical or prosthetic implant failures

The dental implant can be:
- Total upper and/or lower implants
- Anterior upper and / or lower dental implants
- posterior dental implants
- Anterior and posterior dental implantology
- lateral dental implants

The advanced non-invasive dental implant is without incisions or stitches, it requires topical anaesthesia using anaesthetic gel, supplemented by local anaesthesia without any trouble, and the post-operative course is quite comfortable:

- The placement of a dental implant requires 10 to 15 minutes of intervention.
- No gum detachment.
- Little bleeding
- Little or no oedema(swelling)
- Little or no pain
- No incision, no stitches
- Ease of brushing the day of dental implant placement which facilitates hygiene and minimizes the infection, so a higher success rate
- Does not require hospitalization, you can enjoy your stay sometimes using analgesics.

The prosthesis on implants will be performed 3 to 6 months after insertion of dental implants and in the case of a number of implants inferior to three, this is the conventional dental implant thus requiring two trips; two stays:

-The first of three days for fixing dental implants.
-The second of 7 to 10 days: After 2 to 4 months of osteo-integration of implants for complete ceramic denture.

The dental implants with immediate loading: indicated if the number of implants is bigger than or equal to three, adjacent implants, and especially for total toothless. The length of stay is 7 to 10 days and one trip.

New implant technology:
Dental Implant Tunisia: dental implant with immediate aesthetics.
This is the fixing of one or two dental implants with the immediate fixing of a temporary aesthetic prosthesis not participating in the occlusion. The temporary prosthesis will be replaced after 3 to 6 months by a final ceramic prosthesis after osteo-integration.

The dental implant with immediate aesthetics is needed in the case of:

  • Loss of visible teeth.
  • Young patient with a lot of social contact.
  • Patient does not tolerate a temporary removable prosthesis that alters aesthetics and phonation.


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